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The problem is only when i am watching football the picture isn't very clear and there is like a shadow Software version T-bdxpdeu I manually loaded about a month back, and updated automatically a few days ago. But nobody at Samsung seems to have a clue. Silver: I'm sorry: we don't have information regarding the latest firmware update. I' ll make a note on this, you can see the notes for the latest.

RF IN Scart 1,2. A/V S-Video. Main Board. Panel T-con. Board. Component HDMI 1, 2. PC C C_EU C C_EU C C C C_EU C C C C ASSY MICOM;T-BDXPDEU,N30A, 4 M BNA ASSY MICOM;T-BDXPDEU,N30A, 1 S.N.A IC IC-FLASH MEMORY;29WD,4Mx8/2Mx16Bit. Start Time (10am): 17/03/ End Time (9am): 24/03/ Manufacturer: Samsung Model(s): T-BDXPDEUxx. Version: v Status: Repeat.

Yes it should say 24Hz, the TV DOES accept 24Hz it is just it doesn't tell the PS3 it can, if Sony add a fixed ON .. No fixes 24Hz and has been reported to fix everything. Software version: T-BDXPDEU R_FBE. C C-CER,CHIP;nF,5%,50V,C0G, 1. S.A .4 ASSY MICOM;T-BDXPDEU,N30A, 1. T bdxpdeu00 download music. Hot stuffs in IT on RapidShareMix Search engine for shared files links Millions of links in the ndreds of thousands of new.

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