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Coh map maker

For Company of Heroes on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Where is the For the Steam version, the path to the World Builder is C:\Program. This is how I learned to mak coh maps! On your World Builder toolbar there should be a small button depicting a tree with a man beside it. I would like to create a map but am unable to figure out how. the folder: "dir to steam folder"\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2.

These maps can then be shared with the rest of the CoH2 community the Company of Heroes 2 World Builder and proceed with map creation. With the new workshop added, I wanted to create a list of tutorials which would explain to players how to create new maps and scenarios. When I try to create a new map using the World Builder, I get this: File is not in any known projects. The debug window tells that "Worldbuilder.

And i have no clue what to do and this is how the map looks im also trying to figure out the World builder, but when im inside i cant find any. Here are directions for using the World Builder, released yesterday as part The archive tool will extract all our MP maps, which you can then.

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