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Methods Inf Med. ;42(5) Modeling hospital information systems. Part 1: The revised three-layer graph-based meta model 3LGM2. Winter A(1), Brigl. Stud Health Technol Inform. ; Modeling a health telematics network: does the 3LGM2 approach assist in its management and operation?. Methods. The three layer graph-based meta-model (3LGM2) and the 3LGM2 tool provide means for effectively describing and modeling HIS by hospital.

17 Nov In, a revised version at the University of Leipzig was published: the Revised Three-layer Graph-based Meta Model or 3LGM2[2]. 3LGM2. The 3LGM2-Tool to Support Information Management in Health Care. Abstract: In industrialized as well as in developing countries the driving force for. PubMed journal article 3LGM2-modeling to support management of health information system were found in PRIME PubMed. Download Prime PubMed App to.

OBJECTIVES We introduce the 3LGM(2) tool, a tool for modeling information systems, and describe the process of modeling parts of the hospital information. OBJECTIVE: Both regional health information systems (rHIS) and hospital information systems (HIS) need systematic information management. Due to their .

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