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Stargate the alliance alternative

Stargate games are inspired by the Stargate franchise, which started with the film, . Stargate SG The Alliance, (abbreviated as SGTA), is a cancelled game based on Stargate SG After Jack O'Neill from the alternate timeline appears at the SGC, the original team is sent to discover and counter the sinister plot. Code Name: "Alternative Advancements" One things had led to another and the SG-A (Stargate Alliance) was formed comprising, humans. The story of the Stargate Alliance, written around the time of Season 3 & 4. In an alternate future the Earth is a member of the Stargate Alliance.

Stargate: The Alliance was going to be a first person and third person hybrid shooter. There would be several different character types to use, including: soldiers. Alternate timelines are an alteration or change in the current timeline, causing an to break the alliance between Earth and her allies due to the machinations of. In , he nearly succeeded in pushing Stargate Command into a dangerous alliance with the Aschen; and in an alternate timeline, where the alliance was.

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