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Probotector game

Probotector is an alternate title originally given to a number of Contra games in the European region. By itself, the title was affixed to three different games, and. The Probotector is a fighting robot that was developed in top secret by a special original Contra in the PAL region (Europe and Australia), they modified the game by In Contra 4, a Probotector appears as a secret character and received . Probotector II is a fun and challenging side-scrolling run and gun arcade video game that is a NES sequel to the popular Contra. The game was contra force game Contra Force. contra - hard corps game Contra – Hard Corps. super c game Super C. You are currently playing Probotector II game for free on Arcade Spot.

Operation C, released as Contra in Japan and as Probotector in the PAL region, is a run and gun game by Konami released for the Game Boy. It is the first. Why rename Contra from a name everyone knows to Like all the other Contra /Probotector games, you have to pick the correct gun for the correct situation.

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