Ptools 3.65d download

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Ptools 3.65d

Shift-Click on round button in PTool to save your particular settings. Attach here Does the new Ptool allow manual video mode for the GF3? ptool 29; d 1. UPDATE: This MJPEG patch is compatible with the latest version of PTool d. The standard non-anamorphic version is also included in Flow Motion v2. Download my hack, PTools d and original firmware (keep my hack and PTools in the same folder and original firmware in another) 2.

The Lumix GF3 has with version d of PTool-hacktool the same video functionality as the Lumix GH2, except the ability to play with a. Could it be VK will release his own firmware to work with Ptools. kavadni March Are there any improvements to manual control of GF2, included in the 'few . So next I reinstalled the OEM firmware created with Ptool d and this fixed the issue. I also thought that maybe the camera didn't like my choice of x

New settings files for use with PTool are posted here as they become On 3/28/ 12 Vitaliy released version d of his PTool firmware hack.

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