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cloader. • Public • Published 4 years ago. Readme · 0Dependencies · 0 Dependents · 2Versions. Keywords. loader · psr-0 · require. install. npm i cloader . Hi, I'm using pyyaml in a Docker container based on bitnami/minideb:jessie, where python version is The original code is using CLoader and I cannot change it. Any reason CLoader fails to load but Loader is fine?. from yaml import load, dump try: from yaml import CLoader as Loader, CDumper as Dumper except ImportError: from yaml import Loader, Dumper # data.

I'm just copying the developer's answer from the issue linked above, but this happens because pyyaml only installs the libyaml bindings. This page provides Python code examples for eurovisao2018.comr. Following client components were not downloaded successfully: 1. CLoader: Extension manifests merge failed. See for details.

When import, CLoader is not available (which is available under Linux). Further, when I wanted to import it through the cyaml file. eurovisao2018.comr Class Reference. Inheritance diagram for CLoader: Inheritance graph def eurovisao2018.comr.__init__, (, self,. stream.) . try: # We want this to error because a Super Zip can't have shared libs in it. from yaml import CLoader as Loader, CDumper as Dumper assert False, "Should not . python -c "from yaml import CLoader". If this blows up with an ImportError, then LibYAML isn't installed. If the commands runs just fine, then.

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