Anno 1404 failed download

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Anno 1404 failed

I played fine for a few days, now when i start the game it gets to the main menu and says the following Waiting for other online transactions. I hope this guide can help you to solve some problem with Anno , Anno Venice, Anno Multiplayer and Uplay (aka Login. So, I put my old profile from playing years ago into the profiles folder. Now, when I go to get on DoD Venice it says download failed. Will not let me do a continuous game, load previously saved game or multiplayer.

Hello anno players, Since yesterday evening, me and my friends aren't able to download our profile when we start up anno venice. or load a saved one. all i get is a download failed. it just started doing this today . can someone please help me?? (ANNO Gold Edition). Just got Anno from GoG, installed it, everytime I try to launch it, get popup " Failed to Read lots of notes about "Failed to initialize directX!.

Is anyone else having the problem "Download Failed" when trying to play Anno ? Anyone know if it is fixable?. After a huge Windows 10 update I'm no more able to start Anno because it crashes saying "Failed to initialize directX" Below the data of.

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