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World basemap.obf, , , Map, Roads, POI, Transport, Address data , , Map, POI data for World basemap., , , Map, Roads, POI , Transport, Address data for Argentina catamarca southamerica. Could it be that those actually are the latest files but the dates on the page are incorrect (for e.g. the world basemap)?. - show quoted text -.

OsmAnd is a large software project with millions of users worldwide. . offline map data files that can be used with OsmAnd have *.obf as file extension. in latest. · Add directory_for_srtm_files to creator config, 2 years ago. · Change world seamarks basemap. Download world mini-basemap. downloadShippedResource WorldMiniBasemap .obf "".

It does not have a world basemap so if you are travelling across several countries , you need to have the country maps downloaded into your. File, Summary + Labels, Uploaded, Size., World basemap, Aug 8, , MB. The Google Code Archive requires JavaScript to be enabled in. OSM, the source of the offline maps, is a free wiki world map. The free version of OsmAnd includes 10 map downloads, which is plenty if you. The first thing that you must have is a “World Base” map, so download one of those Each OBF file needs copying into the app's data directory.

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