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Pdo class php

public PDOStatement prepare (string $statement [, array $driver_options = array () ] . You can still use _either_ a derived PDO class _or_ persistent connections. A PHP MySQL PDO class similar to the the Python MySQLdb, which supports parameter binding when using "WHERE IN" statement. A database class for PHP MySQL which utilizes PDO. - JamieCressey/php-mysql -pdo-database-class.

PHP classes for PDO. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. php. /*. * Class DBConnection. * Create a database connection using PDO. * @author [email protected] *. * Instructions for use. Curiously, I already wrote a review for your class quite a while ago, Your first database wrapper's childhood diseases - so common the mistakes.

My suggestion is to not do what you are trying to do. Why do you want to wrap PDO? This is a common type of code review that I see here and. Just another PHP class to cope with MySQL via PDO. Package: PHP PDO database class. Most PHP applications use MySQL databases but since PHP 7 was introduced the old MySQL extension. This class can access databases using PDO. It uses the singleton pattern to establish a single database connection to a given database using.

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